2017 BET Awards Recap

I look forward to watching the BET Awards annually. I know there will be a good tribute or two and some surprise guests in the mix. This year wasn’t my favorite. It started off a little slow and was a bit all over the place. There were definitely some stand-out moments that I loved and I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t throw a few suggestions in there.

I like Bruno Mars, but I think I love his band more. They never fail to entertain when they hit the stage.

Chance the Rapper, you are truly inspiring. At 24 years old, you have a lot of folks reevaluating their lives. Keep shining and reppin for the Chi (not the Chai, Debra Lee). Michelle Obama announced to the world that you are her friend. #goals

Yara Shahidi is one of THE most intelligent and articulate 17 year olds I have come across. Harvard isn’t ready for her. She inspires me to want to step my game up in every way.

I was a little disappointed that there was no tribute to Prodigy. I thought I would hear Shook Ones, Quiet Storm, something! Maybe BET is making us wait until the Hip Hop Awards? #noexcuses #RIPProdigy

Xscape had me up singing all loud like I was the 5th member! It was weird seeing Tiny up there singing. It has been way too long. Now that she is single, she can focus on her career a lot more. I love that they reunited for the culture and hopefully they will be going on tour soon.

I don’t think you guys understand how happy I am for Solange. Cranes in the Sky is a huge hit and it made major waves. She deserves every bit of love that she has been getting. It has definitely been her year.

Take notes from Bey to always stay ready. She had a whole speech prepared.

Congrats to Remy Ma! I was so happy for her. I was hoping that she didn’t make any reference to Nicki on stage because I wanted the moment to be completely about her but I guess she couldn’t help herself.

BET, you gotta cut the commercials down or something. Why was the show so LONG? Struggling to stay up til midnight to make sure I didn’t miss anything was hard.

Trey Songz? It’s been time for you to have several seats. That performance was boring, you sounded like you were out of breath and it could have been cut out of the show, in my opinion. Sorry, but I used to be such a huge Tremaine fan but he doesn’t do it for me anymore.

I know I wasn’t the only one who felt like there was an issue with the microphones. The tracks were too loud over the rapper’s voices and the singers’ mics needed to be turned up. The sound could have been a lot more crisp.

I’m obsessed with New Edition and if you didn’t know that, check out my recap on their BET movie here. I live for a good tribute and I was happy with this one. I don’t care how many times they get honored either, I will tune in every time. I feel like the actors who played the guys in the movie are super talented and who better than them should honor NE? And that damn Luke James. Lawd. I loved when they did If It Isn’t Love. The group dance was EVERYTHING. Sometimes I shock myself at how hype I get when they perform. I will definitely be catching one of their tour dates this winter.

Last but not least, BET, I have a bone to pick with you. Remember a little show called Caribbean Rhythms (shout out to Rachel Stuart) that ran on the network for years? I am surprised that reggae and/or soca artists aren’t recognized AT ALL at the BET Awards. Isn’t that considered Black entertainment? Aside from 2013 where Elephant Man et. al performed and had the crowd on their feet, I haven’t seen anything else. Ya’ll haven’t even honored Bob Marley. If you want to surprise us, incorporate a reggae/soca performance into each show. Stop ignoring such a major part of Black culture.

Photo source: Instagram @chancetherapper, @lovebscott, @everythingnewedition


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Mommy. Editor. Writer. PR Woman. Pop Culture Junkie. Jamerican. Blessed.

2 comments on “2017 BET Awards Recap

  1. Portia
    I totally agree with your review. I just knew they would honor Prodigy in some way but to only have Havoc and LIl Kim speak about him just wasn’t enough. Secondly I actually watched the show the day after because I taped it and never even saw the end because it ran extremely over time. I did actually fall asleep in the middle. I thought my girl Mary J did a great job but I always think she does (huge fan) and you know I’m with you on that Tribute to NE… they had me and baby moving . BET had some serious work to do in my opinion because the show is not as entertaining and it doesn’t seem to run as smooth as it used too.

    1. Definitely doesn’t run as smoothly. Mary looked amazing. They need to hire me as a consultant I will whip them into shape for next year’s show lol

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