I Am Portia Nicole is a compilation of my take on pop culture topics, business tips that I have learned over the years with a dash of parenting (what I’ve experienced so far). I also offer freelance public relations and writing services. Want to work with me? Let’s get it!

Mommy. Writer. Daughter. PR Chick. Sister. Jamerican. Blessed.

Portia Nicole.

I’m a 30-something Rochester, NY native who is intrigued by pop culture news (for some reason). I don’t always have an opinion on everything but when I do, I will talk about it here. From what I’ve been told, I have been reading since the age of 3, hence, the reason why my vocabulary is so BOMB :). I always dreamt of becoming the next Free from 106 & Park (when BET was poppin) but the introvert in me shut that down to work behind the scenes in PR, still making things happen without having to be famous, per se.

I am a new mother who is still trying to figure this parenting thing out. Thankfully my son can’t talk yet so I still have more time but God bless the parents who have been doing this for years. Making sure this little human that I birthed becomes an honorable member of society is a full-time job and my daily focus.

My family is Jamaican and I am super proud of my heritage. I love being Black and am not ashamed to say it. I also come from a family of awesome cooks so if your food isn’t up to par, I am silently judging you :). Just cuz you’re from the islands, doesn’t mean you can cook. Remember that.

Overall, my mission is to live a balanced life filled with integrity and happiness and to make a difference in the world all while raising my young King.