Mary J. Blige’s Ex Cheats and Gets Paid

Mary J. Blige was recently ordered to pay her ex-husband Kendu Isaacs $30,000 a month in spousal support on top of $235,000, which accounts for his attorney fees and retroactive payments dated back to September. Mary filed for divorce in July 2016 after 13 years of marriage. I have never been married so I try to stay out of married folks’ business. I kept my mouth shut on this one purposely when I first heard how much money Kendu Isaacs wanted in spousal support. He originally asked for $129,319 a month, claiming all of the expenses he had which included taking care of his parents and children (Mary’s stepkids), to name a few. He felt that it was necessary for him to continue living the lavish lifestyle he had become accustomed to over the years. When I saw his list of demands, I couldn’t comprehend how a GROWN ASS MAN could expect a woman to take care of him. I know this is a lot more common than we realize but c’mon son. Nobody needs $100k a month to live.

Mary kept quiet at first but then she slowly started spilling tea. She said she felt like she was alone in the marriage and he just continued to disrespect her. Then she revealed that he had an affair with an artist that she signed named Starshell and had the nerve to spend $420,000 on her and wrote it off as “business expenses”. Uggh, the nerve of these so called men. Soooo, you cheated on her, betrayed her, spent up all of her money and you expect her to support you and actually win? Who made these rules? He deserves NADA. There needs to be a clause in every marriage where if infidelity can be proven, neither party gets any financial support in the divorce. A prenup shouldn’t have to be created to back that up.

The part that is really killing me is all of the so-called men who think that this is ok. Their excuse is “what about all the women who get paid millions in alimony and child support? Gender shouldn’t play a role in this”. Shut up! From what I’ve seen (celebrity wise), any woman who cleans up after a divorce usually was married to her husband for a long time and gave up her career or life to have and raise their children. Mary doesn’t have any kids with this guy and was rich before she met him. They should both leave the marriage with what they came in with, period. I can’t stand a man who doesn’t want to be a man. A man who doesn’t believe in working to provide for his wife and family and just wants a handout is the worst kind. I guess I say all of this to say, if you are wealthy prior to the marriage, make sure you draw up an airtight prenup. I have seen too many messy divorces in the news to believe that love conquers all. You never know what a butthurt, petty, spiteful person that once LOVED you will do to make you feel the pain they feel. Mary, we’re here for you sis. Keep your head up, he will get his.

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