The World is In Uproar Over Ciara’s Happiness

There has been a video circulating around the internet of Ciara, her husband Russell Wilson and her 2-year-old son Future. I wasn’t gonna write about this but I keep seeing it in my newsfeed and it just won’t go away. In the video, baby Future affectionately calls his new stepdad Russell, Papa and Russell gives […]

Lauryn Hill, Have Several Seats

In recent news, Lauryn Hill is being dragged again on social media for being two hours late to her concert in Atlanta. I have been hearing reports about Lauryn’s tardiness for YEARS so obviously this isn’t a new development. I am kinda surprised that people are still buying tickets to her shows. Cue the photo […]

Single Motherhood: The New Normal

  Why is single motherhood so common nowadays? When I say single mothers, I am not speaking of the women that co-parent successfully with their child(ren)’s father. I am referring to the women who have little to no help from the men that helped us bring these little blessings into the world. The men that […]

When Oversharing Goes Wrong

  I usually don’t comment on certain social media trending topics but I had to give my take on this one. I saw a status on Facebook about someone named Kehlani and how she treats men. I had no idea what it meant but it was a trending topic so you know I had to […]